RELEASED: 17th August 2018
ARTIST: Les Poules à Colin
LABEL: Steeplejack Music
Les Poules à Colin – Morose

Growing up around musicians and spending a lot of time at kitchen parties or backstage at folk festivals, it’s no surprise that you may become a musician yourself. And so it was for the young musicians of the Canadian band Les Poules à Colin. All the band members come from Québec, a region famous for its vibrant musical tradition, and learned their craft from the best musicians in the region, including their parents. In other words, the best pre-requisites for a musician’s life in a band, whose name logically harks back to a traditional Québec song.

Despite their young ages (22-27), Les Poules à Colin have been together for over eight years, which is immediately apparent in their brilliant interaction. Their stage presence and enthusiasm inspire the audience with every performance. It is no surprise that this sympathetic band has already gained a wealth of experience on numerous tours in Canada, the US, Europe, the UK, Australia and Africa.

The sound of Les Poules à Colin is a mix of Canadian folk, North American old time feeling and jazzy elements, embellished with surprising and almost provocative effects. Their repertoire includes many traditional pieces, mainly in French, revealing their great vocal and instrumental abilities.

With their own arrangements of traditional songs from Québec, Brittany or Louisiana, they impressively appeal to their generation while preserving the beauty of this timeless music. Violin, acoustic guitar, lap steel guitar, banjo, mandolin, piano, electric bass and stompbox form a powerful and varied body of sound for their imaginative arrangements, which they develop together as a team.

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