RELEASED: 29th January 2021
ARTIST: Rosier
LABEL: Steeplejack Music
Rosier – Légèrement

Rosier explore traditional Québécois folk music with hints of indie, jazz, pop, bluegrass, and contemporary styles. The Montreal-based group’s original compositions, sophisticated arrangements, striking chord progressions, and revived traditions take us into their own, very distinctive universe. The band adds exuberant colour to familiar traditions, spinning their roots into a movement. The result is a mature and controlled, yet impassioned sound that is surprisingly refreshing and relevant in our changing world. With a layered sound that transcends generations, Rosier continue to reclaim and interpret Quebec’s romantic musical traditions.

Their latest album, “Légèrement” fuses trad lyrics with original music, producing a sound that is warm and familiar, with beautiful harmonies. Quinn Bachand’s production is new, modern, and fresh. This is contemporary folk for the 21st century.

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