RELEASED: 17th April 2020
ARTIST: The Rehats
LABEL: Steeplejack Music
The Rehats – Nothing but the Truth

You don’t know the Rehats? That will certainly change after the release of their first album “Nothing but the Truth” in May 2020. This young band from Freiburg in Germany have already released two singles, including the hit song “City Lights”, produced by Wolfgang Stach, as a prelude to the album. Wolfgang Stach is an award-winning producer, who has worked with many top German bands, with multiple gold and platinum success.

But what do you get when you buy the new “Rehats” album? The short answer: good music. The slightly longer version: a hint of Americana and fluffy West Coast, smooth harmony vocals and lively indie pop. Groups like “The Kooks” or “Mumford and Sons” provide the role models for the band’s singer-songwriter and guitarist Johannes “Jojo” Stang. But together, the band are confident and talented enough not to have to copy, but to create their own sound. That’s the Rehats!

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