Les Poules à Colin – Morose

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Growing up around musicians and spending a lot of time at kitchen parties or backstage at folk festivals, it’s no surprise that you may become a musician yourself. And so it was for the young musicians of the Canadian band Les Poules à Colin. All the band members come from Québec, a region famous for its vibrant musical tradition, and learned their craft from the best musicians in the region, including their parents. In other words, the best pre-requisites for a musician’s life in a band, whose name logically harks back to a traditional Québec song.

“It took me less than 10 seconds listening to Les Poules a Colin to book this band for Fairbridge Festival.” – Rod Vervast, Perth, Western Australia

“they could easily have filled a hall 4 times the size…Get ready world, this group is already really, really good and on its way to greatness” – WPR @ Edinburgh Fringe Festival

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