Tsuumi Sound System – Blinking Light

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Tsuumi Sound System is a critically acclaimed and widely respected world music band known for its crossover sound with jazz and modern pop influences. Blinking Light, their fourth studio album, represents an even stronger cross-genre style with hints of folk/rock and free jazz. The sonic landscape is even more diverse than before. Tsuumi Sound System has gained a strong fan base among world music fans beyond its traditional Finnish audience. In recent years the band has performed regularly in Europe and at festivals in North America and Asia.

“Blinking Light” refers to a lighthouse and a homeward journey, blinks of light in a middle of a busy life and the past as stars shining in the sky. Three of the songs, Luotsi (The Port Pilot), The Blink and Wild Grasses form a title trilogy which was born out of thoughts of parenthood. Luotsi (The Port Pilot) tells about the choices of a travelling man and The Blink about returning home which, after all, is the best of everything. Wild Grasses is about free souls, who still have the world and life open before them. Composer Joakim Berghäll, who lives on an island, whose lighthouse guides him home from his travels, sets all of this in a naval perspective.

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