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Praised by the German “Blues News” magazine in 2012 for the versatility of his first album on 9a music, Tony Hudspeth’s follow-up, “Stand Up”, again shows off a wide range of influences and talented musicians, all blended together into a successful mix of blues, rock, pop, funk, soul and country.

Sometimes the guitarist, singer and songwriter Hudspeth lets his Fender cry, then he skillfully brings in the Telecaster or even lets rip on the “Paula” .

The album begins traditionally with “Busload fulla Blues”, which could have come straight from an old John Mayall album, before continuing with the energetic “No Way Out”, a song that could easily come from ZZ Top. The third title, “Born To Carry On” is reminiscent of BB King … and so it goes with this album on – every title gets its own special note, but always at the centre is Tony Hudspeth’s virtuoso guitar playing.

And again, the guitarist and singer is accompanied by such well-known, culturally diverse and extremely talented musicians as saxophonist Albie Donnelly of Supercharge, or the violinist Andrew Cadie from the successful folk band Broom Bezzums. The bass was masterfully played by Peter Hermann, together with the drums of Nancho Campos from Chile. Jens Ewald again provided the keyboards, while also producing the whole album, and there are guest vocals from the singer Leonora Serper from Israel.

“Stand Up” is a varied album full of fun, energy and passion which will firmly cement Tony Hudspeth in the music scene in Germany.

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