Steeplejack Music – Label for Folk Music and Singer/Songwriter

Steeplejack Music aims to offer new, unknown artists a platform through which to present their music to a wider public, especially in the genres of folk music, folk-rock, acoustic pop/rock and adult contemporary.

The label is able to profit from long-standing industry contacts, above all in promotion and distribution. Intensive cooperation with established companies ensures effective PR, despite the usual restrictions of a small label. At the same time, we are able to maintain the typical characteristics of such a label: proximity to the artist, intensive support of the individual acts, flexibility and, last but not least, a family atmosphere, in which each person is motivated to provide top performance.

The top priority is the targeted, long-term development of the artist. In this respect, the label not only supports the artist in all matters of production and promotion, but is also involved in supporting the artist both musically and in business matters – always taking into consideration the quality, authenticity and individuality of the act.

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